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At Australia Spouse Visa Consultants, we only deal with Australian spouse & partner visas.

Most migration agents will charge in the region of AUD 3000 to 3500 for a partner visa application.

But we understand that when you are bringing your wife, husband, fiance or partner to Australia, there are already many costs for you to deal with already. We also know that while the application needs to be lodged perfectly, you can do most of the work yourself anyway.

That's why we offer two very simple services for an Australian spouse or partner visa application:

1) Our AUD 15 assessment:

We firstly talk with you (email, Skype,online messaging) about you case - are you eligible? We talk about your situation and details, and tell you:

  • what visa (s) you may be eligible for
  • what the application costs are (in full)
  • about the application process and path to Permanent Residence and citizenship
  • key points and information before you lodge
  • send all of this information in a detailed Australian spouse visa assessment report

2) If you are eligible:

Our AUD 950 Australian spouse or partner visa Application Guidance services

  • provide you with all of the forms and documents that you need to apply
  • go through all of your collected information, telling you what to change, include or omit
  • guide you on filling in the forms and presenting the spouse visa application
  • tell you how and where to apply
  • ensure that you lodge a perfectly correct Australian spouse or partner visa application

Save big on agent fees, while still making a perfect Australian spouse, partner, fiancé or interdependent visa application.

Trust us with your application by first taking the AUD $ 15 eligibility assessment.

You will then get to know us; see that we know what we are talking about and that we are here to provide a quality services that deserves its excellent reputation and reviews.

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